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Hydrating With Infinit Nutrition, Skratch and/or Both

NUTRITION IN A BOTTLEDetermining nutrition needs can be very difficult and can cause your cycling, workout and training to suffer if not addressed. I often ask our customers how they like to intake their nutrition, i.e. are you a drinker, chewer, like it in shots with gels or feel like you need to eat something. Infinit [...]

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One of the most important things in approaching any activity is safety.  Whether you are riding on the road, paved trail, and/or off road.  Having fun is great when you can come back to something you enjoy.  There is no need to be careless or in a hurry. There is more than enough information to [...]

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Cycling Beyond Fitness: Positiveness, Happiness, Intelligence and Psychology

MyndTotalBody writes: That the act of pedaling starts my wheels turning literally and mentally. While I love riding in the fresh air, weather, time and travel is not always agreeable. Thankfully, I'm able to hop on my trainer or hit a spin class. Fitness alone does wonders for serotonin, but different type [...]

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Bike Trainer and No Excuses

MyndTotalBody Says Burrrrr!!!  It is cold outside, but I don't like being off my bike for too long. I'm often questioned what my bike setup looks like. This is my home office (not at the bike shop) and this morning was a full body workout with cycling circuits, with a few free weights, ball and weight [...]

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Baking Soda Uses

Read this article put out by Bicycling related to Fitness Training Baking Soda May Beat Muscle Burn (Additional MyndTotalBodyTips):  I use this for my hair, face, mouthwash, teeth polisher, PH balancer, have used (when I was a Marine in the field) as a deodorant, for indigestion, exfoliator, skin irritations, jewelry cleaner, deodorizer, laundry booster, brightner and [...]

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