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Spring is right around the corner and what better way to show your bike some love than with a tune up. For the month of February we at Twisted Spokes Bicycles will help you get prepared for spring by discounting the prices for all our tune up levels.  * Basic tune ups are now $39.99

 * Drivetrain tune ups are now $39.99

 * Deluxe tune ups are now $59.99

 * Pro tune ups are now $99.99

 * Complete overhauls are now             $149.99

For complete details on which each level includes please call or visit us today.


 Do you Zwift? Zwift can take your indoor cycling experience to the next level. Zwift give you an interactive experience that will keep your mind engaged with your workout. Add a "smart" trainer, like the KICKR from Wahoo and Zwift will give you a road like feel like no other.  For the month of February we are offering special pricing for our customers on Wahoo trainers. Come in today to discuss how you can take your indoor riding experience to the next level.




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There have been several new developments with Twisted Spokes since the last newsletter.


For those with children that have the never ending frustration about the purchase of your child's bike and trying to make it last, be frustrated no more! With Twisted Spokes Bicycles Growth Spurt Warranty you can purchase the right size bicycle for your child and get 50% of the purchase bike back on the new bike when your child out grows their current bike. For more details about the Growth Spurt Warranty come and see us today or visit here  for more details.


Does your company or place of employment have a wellness program? Want to introduce cycling into that program? We are here to help. With our Corporate Partnerships program we are here to assist your company with incorporating cycling into its wellness program. For more details on what we can do for your company please contact us today or visit here  for more details.


Also starting this month is Tech Tuesdays. Tech Tuesday is a one hour session where we teach a predetermined course on maintaining your bike. The agenda changes every week and is free of charge. Visit the website for the agenda and come learn how to wrench like a pro.









This month we will see our first shipment of BMC bikes arrive at Twisted Spokes Bicycles. From road, fitness, and mountain there is a BMC that can fit your needs. Make sure to stop in and check them out. Each BMC that we receive is available for demo and the price of your demo is subtracted from you purchase of your new bike. 



We introduced this last month but after the newsletter was released, but we will announce it here. We have partnered with Blispay for you financing needs. Blispay is essentially a Visa card that you can use for your purchases at Twisted Spokes Bicycles and almost anywhere else Visa is accepted. The special that Blispay is currently running is on all purchases more than $199 get 6 months no interest and no payments. To apply visit here  and get on a new ride before the weather really gets nice.













Some of you have been waiting for the cold weather to leave and we know that, this hasn’t happened yet. In fact, we still have at least another 30-40 unpredictable days, give or take. The question is, are you going to let that stop you in getting on the bike?

Many of you have not put in any notable mileage since the temperature has went south. What have you been doing since being off the bike? There is still time.

First, consult your physician before beginning any new fitness, nutrition and/or supplements.

Strength training is recommended at least 3 times a week. Here are some of the best exercises to rebuild your strength and give you some power when you get back on the bike.

Front lunges, renegade row, kettlebell swings, 1 leg deadlifts, step-ups and arm rows.

Your body is only as strong as your Core. What helps with this is: Variations of planks, windshield wipers, glute bridge and pall-off press. I’ll follow-up with a video example.

Last and probably the most important is your nutrition. Your diet or lack thereof will hinder your exercise results. Increase your veggies. Up your protein and always hydrate. Enjoy some green tea. Learn how, when and what makes your body most efficient.

Don’t be scared to fuel with carbs when you’re on your bike. Take-in the appropriate amount of salt for your health and body. A tip: when fueling/eating what goes down, should stay down.

Supplements add to your performance, it is essential to take in amino acids. Keep your body from having inflammation, try some Astragulus.

Still too cold to ride outside or unsure if you will get out on a trail or the road, purchase a Wahoo Smart Trainer, and/or join #RideWithShellie @Twisted Spokes Bicycles for some indoor trainer classes. Check out the schedule. Love To Rid





Please look at the shop calendar for more information about these events.