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quarq-shockwiz-shock-tune.jpgWe have the latest tech for tuning your suspension, making your bike smoother, faster, and safer than before. The ShockWiz is now being offered for rental by Twisted Spokes Bicycles. For the month of July we are offering ROGO (rent one get one) for you suspension tuning needs. Rent this amazing tool and get your bike dialed in. The tune it yourself rate is $50 per day or have us tune it at $60 per hour. Call us for additional information or go to www.shockwiz.com *Refundable $250 deposit required. 

Purchase a bike get ShockWiz tuning by us for FREE!!!


For the month of July take an additional 15% off all closeout items. 




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This months featured product is the complete line of helmets from Kali Protectives. Not all helmets are created equal. With technologies like Nano Fusion, Composite Fusion, and Low Density Layer, Kali Protectives manufactures helmets that are lighter and safer than the competition. These technologies have better dissipating properties than standard helmets while at the same time reducing the impact from lateral and rotational g-forces. Checkout the complete Kali line of products here and for more information to Kali technologies click here


If you have not heard, Twisted Spokes now offers bike riding lessons for the little ones and adults as well. Shellie works her magic with the kids as she teaches them the  basic riding skills to get them moving. Stop getting frustrated and bring your kids by Twisted Spokes today to schedule an appointment. 








Tire Inspection

This month’s maintenance tip we cover how to inspect your tires. This task is something most of us probably skimp on most of our rides, but if you do not inspect your tires regularly there is a good chance you may end up stranded due to catastrophic tire failure. Whether mountain or road you want to inspect your tires for any abnormalities that can bring your ride to a halt. This may include cuts, slits, excessive wear, or cracks. All it takes is one good impact to bring your day to an end.  

The mountain tire selection below demonstrates a new tire on the left, an excessively worn tire in the middle, and a used but good tire on the right.



The road tire above, while it still holds air, is not suitable for riding.

So take a few extra minutes and inspect your tires as you do not know what damage may or may not have happened on your last ride.






Get Flexible with Yoga!

Yoga alleviates muscle tightness and promotes flexibility, core strength and balance. It is a perfect cross-training workout. Yoga also helps with focus in visualizing and working on your breathing for long bike rides and/or winding down following a ride. Back problems can quickly become a problem for cyclist and the contributor is poor posture. Yoga helps in forming and maintaining a healthy posture and prevent sore back muscles.

Yoga before cycling loosens up muscles and provides a better stretch.

Yoga after cycling counterbalances tightness and soreness.

Intense Side Stretch or Pyramid- Excellent for promoting balance and opening up tight hamstrings and the iliotibial bands.

Dolphin Pose- Opens up the chest, shoulders and the hamstrings. Mirrors the proper upper body alignment for cyclists.

Bridge Pose- Great for upper body positioning while on the bike. Opens up front of body and strengthens the spine.

Camel Pose- Stretches the entire front of body, as well as the ankles, thighs and groins. Opens abdomen, chest and throat and stretches the deep hip flexors. Strengthens back muscles and improves posture.





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