Hayes HFX-MAG Compression Bushing, Bag/ 10

Hose fittings for Hayes hydraulic disc brakes available a la carte. Complete replacement hose kits are also available.

Hayes Prime Master Cylinder Push Rod Kit

Internally fitting service parts for Hayes hydraulic disc brake master cylinders.

Reservoir Cap for Hayes Dyno Disc Brake

Externally fitting service parts for Hayes hydraulic disc brake master cylinders.

Hayes Prime Pro Lever Blade

Replacement levers, pivots, and bushings for Hayes hydraulic disc levers.

White Lightning Wet Ride Lube, 4oz Drip

Designed for wet and muddy conditions, winter riding and coastal salt-air. Made with synthetic oils and water repelling polymers for … Readmore

White Lightning Epic Ride Lube, 4oz Drip

Formulated with non-petroleum based synthetic oils, this lube is as durable as a wet style lube without the grime build-up … Readmore

White Lightning Clean Ride, 4oz Drip

Sets up as a dry wax film. Self-cleaning action works by small particles of the outer wax structure flaking off … Readmore

Sugino 46t x 130mm 1/2"x 1/8" 5-Bolt Chainring Black

Sugino Single Speed Chainrings. 1/2 x 1/8″ 130mm Replacment RD2 rings

Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost: 27.2 x 240mm Black

The Masterpiece is Thomson’s ultimate seatpost: it combines the strength and durability of the Elite post in a lighter package. … Readmore

Thomson Seatpost Clamp: 28.6 Black

Thomson seatpost collars look great and have great clamping, a long life, and no squeaking. It’s the perfect addition to … Readmore

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